Case Study 1:CRM Watch Store Management Solution

    Business Challenge:
                                 Crm Watch is providing the services to the many more Watch shops. our software having diffrent new features like Auto Fill Facility for many of Data Entry,Multi Stop Bookings. you'll find the highest quality of craftsmanship, the most gorgeous designs - and the expertise to help you select the watches and spares parts you'll want to live in.

    IFastStar Solution:
                                 IFastStar has suggested its flag ship product IFS-Supply to implement the solution the oracle database as a back end and font end as the latest Technology.The software has been in use for more than two years running successfully. It has helped to automate all manual process in to an electronic form so that user can get any data, any time for quicker decision. Modules implemented are,
                                 • Customer Management
                                 • Order Booking
                                 • Purchase Management
                                 • Sales and Marketing System
                                 • Human Resource Management System.
                                 • Accounts and financials
                                 • Reportings..

    The Benefits:
                                It has helped the customer greatly to automate all our manual process in an electronic form so that they can get any data, any time for quicker and less costly decision

    • An Integrated Solution for your Watch shop whether it is smaller or medium or larger.
    • Easily Customizable solution depends on your budget
    • Scalable and Extendible Architecture to add more users easily.
    • View any information virtually from anywhere and anytime. Using intranet and Internet
    • Seamlessly integrate with External Third party systems
    • Easy and Instant Access to data helps to make effective decisions
    • Paper less departments Eliminate Human Errors.
    • Secure and Seamless sharing of data across multiple sites improves productivity
    • Schedule, Optimize and utilized resources & Staffs throughout the enterprises , increase efficiency and reduces costs

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