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IFastStar IT Services Practice offers an end-to-end Software Services and Product Development Solutions to the enterprises and software product organizations under different delivery model such as Onsite development,Off-Shore development, and Hybrid development model, ultimately helping our customers to automate the business process, to improve ROI and to release their solutions and products out the market on-time.

We also setup offshore development centers (ODC) as a virtual extension to the customer organization who wants to setup their dedicated facilities in our organization which benefits the customers not to investment on the resources at the same time executing the core business at the low cost and best quality.

Our Unique Global delivery model ensures that customer intellectual property rights are safe guarded and projects are delivered with time and quality.


IT Services
  • Outsourcing Services
    •      Development, Maintenance, Sustainment Testing of Legacy and application Software at our development center.
    •                 BOT - Build, Operate and Transfer Model.
    •                 DDC - Dedicated Development Centre with an insulated Security.

  • Onsite Services
    •     Resource Augmentation at Customer Site for project execution.
    •                Development, Maintenance, Sustainment and Enhancement of Software Services at the Customer Site with lowest cost.

  • Consulting Services
    •     Domain Consulting
    •                Technical consulting
    •                Feasibility Study, Plan of Execution
    •                Design Services and Use Case Analysis
Application Services
  • Web Design, Web Hosting and Web Applications development

  • Desktop Application development, Maintenance and Support

  • Porting application from one OS to an another OS

  • Moving Legacy Applications into the New Enterprise Architecture and Technologies

  • Integration Solutions to multiple third party systems

  • Database management and Data- Warehouse solutions

  • Web Services Development

  • NET, C#, VC++, Based Applications

  • JAVA Based Application

  • Content Management Applications

  • Bug Fixing and Bug Tracking Services

Embedded Services
  • Embedded Software Services
    •     Drivers Development
    •                Board Support Packages
    •                Devices Application
    •                Integration of Devices using Web Technologies

  • Embedded Hardware Services
    •     Hardware Design Services
    •                Board Preparation
Technology Expertise
  • Health-Care and Life-Science Solutions
  • Financial Services (Banking, Finance, Insurance and Security)
  • Supply Chain , Inventory, Asset Management Solution.
    •                     Retail Sector
    •                     Manufacturing
    •                     Pharmaceutical
    •                     Transport


    System Solutions

    •                     Consumer electronics
    •                     Industrial Automation
    •                     Medical Electronics.
Project Execution Methodologies

We adept various Methodologies and Techniques for execution of Projects.

  • Agile Methodologies, Extreme Programming for Highly Critical delivery Based projects.
  • Water Fall Model for the Highly Matured Process Stable projects.
  • Iterative Model for the Medium and High Priority based Development Projects.


Health-Care institutions , Hospitals, Patient care centres, Laboratories, Claiming and Insurance agencies, Health-care device manufactures are looking for the software solutions to improve efficiency of day-to- day manual activities of the hospital staffs and also improving patient care by providing correct information about the patient to health-care givers like doctors and nurses etc.

We understand the needs of doctors, patients and health-care patients in their medical terms, we understood the complete Health-care domain from our decades of experience in this domain. We also do have various consultants medical community to helps understand the solution needs better.

Using its strong medical and healthcare . IFastStar has developed a world class Hospital Management Solution Maruthva( Read More) as a offering to our clients or we also help them in building solutions providing better software solutions and product development solutions.

IFastStar Key mantra is Efficient and Patient Safety. Solutions, Our offer in Health-care Industry includes,

check32.pngHIS - Hospital Information Solutions

  •     Electronic Patient Record
  •                Patient Admission , Registration and Discharge
  •                Order or Service Placement Solutions.
  •                Billing Solutions
  •                Stores and inventory solutions
  •                Pharmacy and Medications Solutions
  •                Reporting and Statistical collection Modules
check32.pngWeb Based Solutions

  •                Viewing of Every data over WAN
  •                Medical records Viewing
  •                Consulting and Appointments
  •                Solutions for Expert Systems Building, for Decision making process.
  •                Integration of Multiple Legacy systems using HL7 and Web Services.
  •                Speciality Based Solutions
  •                Viewing of Every data over WAN
  •                Medical records Viewing
  •                Consulting, Appointments
  •                Integration of Medical devices with HIS or Speciality Based Systems.

Supplychain Management System

Web Based Enterprise Solution for Manufacturing, Retailing, Logistics and Warehouse and Distribution.
IFastStar believes a good supply chain solution should help the customer to increase the productivity and improves the business horizon. It offers an end-to-end supply chain solutions to various verticals like manufacturing , retail , pharmaceuticals etc. IFastStar has a product suite  IFS-Supply Chain Product Suit which can be customized to meet the various needs of customer with shorter duration. 

Supply Chain Product Suite Solutions

IFS-Supply is a Comprehensive,  One-Stop and  Integrated Supply Chain Management (SCM/ERP) Solution for  your enterprise whether it is Manufacturing or Retailing  or Distribution or Customer Relation centre or all. 

Automates and Integrates : Sales, Distribution, Manufacturing,  Customers Management , Ordering, Inventory Control, Supplier Management and  Logistics Process under One Umbrella.

Easily Customizable and Modularized, Scalable and Extendable solution for any type of industry as per your Need.

Fully Web based Application Interface that  Virtually Connects each and every divisions or branches or stores, factories, customers, supplier under one umbrella and provides collaborative approach that  leads greater operational efficiency. 

Seamless integration with latest technologies like Internet & intranet technologies ,Wireless and Handheld Terminals etc brings you unmatched benefits like.

  •                         Increased Operational efficiency.

  •                         High Visibility of Inventory (Just-In-Time).

  •                         Reduced Safety Stock level.

  •                         Avoid Stock outs.

  •                         improved Customer Satisfaction.

  •                         Increasing Bottom line.

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