RFID & Mobilty "Automate and Mobilize People, Processs through innovate solutions using RFID, Barcode, Mobile , Handheld and Wireless Technologies"

RFID & Mobile Applications

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        MSB Data Analytics has developed Supply chain product suite from decades of experience across various industries which Can be customized for any industry needs like Manufacturing, Pharma and Retail. Major Sub-Systems includes,. The state-of-the-art of technology and introduction of latest technologies like Bar coding, RFID and Wireless adds more value in terms of managing inventory , tracking , distribution etc.

Our RFID & Mobilty Solutions

Benefit using RFID Technology Tracking Inventory, Identifying out of stocks, avoid Shop Lifting and Efficient Track and Trace of Items and enjoy the increases Revenue and decreased Cost. IFS-RFID Platform TM Provides a, Integrated and comprehensive RFID Platform for collecting, managing and Delivering RFID Data and Seamless integration with enterprises information in a most efficient and cost effective manner.

  • Created based in EPC global TM standards and designed using Distributed and open architecture that helps institution to deploy smaller to large scale of RFID Solutions for specific industry.

  • Our RFID Solutions help the organizations to achieve Greater Operation efficiency so you can reduce the costs and Stock-outs. With an access to the real-time information of inventory , you can improve forecasting, demand planning and decision support.

  • Our RFID Solutions can track and trace solutions that helps to track your assets, improve the utilization efficiency of assets, Monitoring the assets at the real-time , gathering critical information about the assets can improve your business and brings better customer satisfaction and faster return on investment.

  • With IFS-RFID Platform RFID Solutions, you can meet trading partner requirements and get the supply chain visibility you need.

  • However you decide to deploy RFID in your organization, our solutions enable you to ease integration and reduce the complexity of working with multiple vendors. So you can eliminate the guesswork.

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