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Fleet Management

            Fleet Management is a web based and comprehensive vehicle management software product suite that is designed to suite the transport industry.IFS Fleet Management provides fleet maintenance management software fleets around the world looking to get more out of their investment.

            IFS Fleet Management is a powerful system that effectively allows organization to manage not only their vehicle fleet maintained, but to also take advantage of other important fleet data such as employee records, parts, tools, fuel co gumption, gps, motor pool, and etc.Fleet Management gain an advantage by having one, central source for all of their fleet information. Better data leads to informed decisions that can save your organization thousands of dollars per year.

  • Powerful PM schedule and work order tools
  • Manage revenue streams
  • Identify and reduce fleet-wide costs
  • accurate equipment and inventory tracking
  • Accidents & Claims

The Benefits

  • Reducing time and costs to manage your fleet
  • Coping for Quality procedures
  • Managing all technical and administrative aspects of your fleet in a simple way
  • N-Tier and Web based architecture ideal for local networks and remote access and you can view the information from anywhere and anytime.
  • The Scalable Architecture manages the load of system when the user increases.
  • Plug and Play Techniques helps to integrate with an external system through XML or SOA based messages.
  • Can work with variety of databases like MySQL, MSSQL, and ORACLE etc.
  • Customizable and Flexible and highly user friendly application.
  • Seamless Connectivity - it can be connected through PC, PDAs and Mobile Devices
  • Easily Upgradeable Software Versions in a Centralized Location
  • Maintenance Free software and Reduce your downtime and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Multi - site, Multi Location , Multilingual Enabled
  • Integrate seamlessly , with all your organization entities like HO, Customer centers, Branches seamlessly using web technologies

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