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Departmental Management System
PACS System
  • Out Patient Registration
  • Revisits Management
  • In Patient Management
  • Admission
  • Discharge
  • Transfer
  • Bed Management
  • Ward Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Patient Billing System - IP/OP
Labarotary Management System

Full-fledged solutions to automate the complete workflow of laboratory. It helps to manage large volumes of specimens of patients accurately and safely and reduces danger of misplacing or loosing the specimen or assigning a results of Incorrect specimen to a patient. It Reduces errors and faster reporting of results for various types of labs Clinical chemistry, Microbiology, Hematology labs and the lab results seamlessly integrated with Patient Electronics Record.


Radiology system manages the Complete operation of radiology department . This product fully automates folders and film in the order and report processing and result reporting and charge capturing, image Management .It reduces cost by repeated analysis.


Pharmacy Management System

A flexible system for pharmacists and administrators to increase safety, productivity and improve process to manage their pharmacy. It Communicates with pharmacists, nurses and doctors from the time order drugs ensuring efficiency, continuity and safety. Support point-of-care medication , storage, inventory and administration and Produce fill lists and medication administration Records automatically or on Demand.

Blood Bank Management

A end to end solution that automates all the activities of Blood Bank offering Donor mgmt, Stock s and Issues and Billing and other aspects of Blood Bank

Operation Room Management

Comprehensive OT Solution automates operation surgical services for the surgical departments ,providing services like preoperative case logging, case cart management, iFastStar Technologies Private Limited Leadership Through Innovation 2006 iFastStar Technologies Pvt Ltd All Rights reserved 3 operative surgical reporting, case creation, Scheduling Order and charge capture etc, helps efficient usage of Operation rooms and theaters which helps to increase profitability of hospitals.

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